Press Conference of 2023 SJM 11th Asian Junior Wushu Championships

(Macao, 12 August 2023)  The “2023 SJM 11th Asian Junior Wushu Championships” organized by the Wushu Federation of Asia ("WFA"), undertaken by the Wushu General Association of Macau ("WGAM"), co-organized and title-sponsored by SJM Resorts, S.A. ("SJM"), and supported by the Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government, is set to commence on 17 August of this year. In conjunction with World Wushu Day on 12 August, the organizers held a press conference at the Grand Lisboa Hotel Macau, underlining the global promotion of Wushu. The press conference, presided over by WFA's Secretary-General Mr. Chan Weng Kit and representatives from the WGAM and SJM, outlined the competition’s details and public reception arrangements. Other distinguished guests in attendance at the press conference included: Mr Pun Weng Kun, President of the Sports Bureau of Macao SAR Government; Ms Chan Wun San, Acting Head of the Department of Students of the Education and Youth Development Bureau of Macao SAR Government; and Ms Lam Tong Hou, Head of the Public Relations Division of the Macao Government Tourism Office. 

Mr. Chan Weng Kit, Secretary-General of WFA and Executive Director of the Organising Committee of the event, expressed that the “2023 SJM 11th Asian Junior Wushu Championships” has garnered support from various bureaus of the Macao SAR Government, and is co-organized and title-sponsored by SJM. It is scheduled to unfold from 17 to 20 at the Macao Tap Seac Sports Pavilion, during which Wushu masters and luminaries from the International Wushu Federation and WFA will converge in Macao to participate in the event. WFA’s image ambassador and martial art celebrity, Mr. Vincent Zhao, will also grace the event opening. 

The last edition of the Asian Junior Wushu Championship was postponed due to the pandemic. Following concerted efforts from all parties, it has successfully found its venue in Macau this year. It marks Macau's first major Asian junior championship event after the pandemic. In the lead-up to the competition, several committees of the WFA will convene meetings to discuss matters pertaining to enhancing the level of wushu skills and advancing the development of Wushu sports in Asia. 

Macao’s wushu boast a rich heritage and a promising development momentum. In the past, it successfully hosted the 7th World Wushu Championships in 2003, the 7th Asian Wushu Championships in 2008, the 5th Asian Junior Wushu Championships in 2009, and the 4th World Junior Wushu Championships in 2012. Under the guidance and support from the Macao SAR Government for the wushu movement, the WGAM has accumulated substantial experience in organizing international competitions. It has been proactively advancing the popularization of sports, nurturing talent, and driving the growth of sports tourism. It is anticipated that this event, particularly with the robust collaboration and title sponsorship by SJM, will attract considerable attention from the wushu communities in both Macao and the Greater Bay Area, thereby contributing to the diverse development of Macao’s economy. 

Ms. Porcia Leung, Vice President – Corporate Brand & Marketing of SJM Resorts, S.A. and Executive Manager of the Organizing Committee of the event, expressed the company’s pride in collaborating with the WFA and the WGAM to present this wushu spectacle in Macao. With the remarkable achievements of the China Macao Wushu Team at the latest World University Games, SJM firmly believes that this event will kindle fresh enthusiasm for wushu, allowing a broader audience to experience the captivating charm of Chinese Wushu. SJM is dedicated to nurturing wushu talent, spreading the essence of Wushu, and offering a platform for young athletes to interact, thus contributing to the dynamic growth of Asian wushu. As the host of this occasion, SJM has made comprehensive arrangements for all participating guests, judges and athletes, ensuring their enjoyment of the competition while immersing themselves in Macao’s distinctive culture and warm hospitality. 

Mr. Iao Chon In, Vice President of the Executive Board of WGAM and Competition Manager for the Championships, presented event details including the 17-20 August program rundown at the Tap Seac Sports Pavilion, as well as an opening ceremony and welcome luncheon on 16 August at the Grand Pavilion of Grand Lisboa Palace Resort. 

A total of 23 countries and regions with over 300 athletes set to compete across 82 categories. The participating countries/regions include Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Brunei Darussalam, China, Hong Kong China, Indonesia, India, Iran, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Republic of Korea, Macao China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Philippines, Palestine, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Turkmenistan, Chinese Taipei and Vietnam, bringing together some of the world's most elite wushu teams. 

The “2023 SJM 11th Asian Junior Wushu Championships” features two competition categories: Taolu and Sanda. The Taolu category is further divided into individual and group events. For both male and female individuals: Youth Division the 3rd Set of International Wushu Competition Taolu Routine (Changquan, Daoshu, Jianshu, Gunshu, Qiangshu; Nanquan, Nandao, Nangun; Taijiquan, Taijijian, Taijishan) and duilian (dual event). In the Junior Division, the events consist of the 1st Set of International Wushu Competition Taolu Routine (Changquan, Daoshu, Jianshu, Gunshu, Qiangshu; Nanquan, Nandao, Nangun, Taijiquan (42 Forms), Taijijian (42 Forms). In the Children’s Division, the events include the Elementary Taolu Routine (Changquan (No. 3 Elementary Routine), Daoshu, Jianshu, Gunshu, Qiangshu; Nanquan, Nandao, Nangun; Taijiquan (24 Forms), Taijijian (32 Forms). 

Sanda Events: Junior Category Male: 48 kg, 52 kg, 56 kg, 60 kg, 65 kg, 70 kg, 75 kg, 80 kg. Female: 48 kg, 52 kg, 56 kg, 60 kg. Children’s Category: Male: 42 kg, 45 kg, 48 kg, 52 kg, 56 kg. 

Participants in this championship range in age from 8 to 18 years old. The competition will be conducted in accordance with the “IWUF Rules for International Wushu Taolu Competition” (2019) and the “IWUF Wushu Sanda Competition Rules and Judging Methods” (2017). 

Tickets will be available to the public for free. Starting from 14 August, the tickets can be collected at various locations, including SJM’s Grand Lisboa Palace Resort (Level 1, Mall Concierge), Grand Lisboa Hotel (Hamper House at hotel lobby), and Kam Pek Community Centre. Moreover, we welcome associations and schools to attend as groups through registering ( with WGAM. This is an opportunity not to be missed by those who have an affinity for wushu or love to witness the action. 

At the press conference, the event's auspicious mascot “Kung Fu Sam” made his debut appearance, proudly showcasing the gold, silver, and bronze medals of this year's competition to the media. 

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